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 It used to take me two weeks to process raw scheduling data and produce standard reports each term. X25 has reduced that to a fraction of the time. Its utilization analysis capabilities make it an invaluable tool for space planning. 

— Jay Decker-Drane, Assistant Space Information Manager, Northwestern University

Building with Series tools on it

Get a Clear Picture of Your Best Use of Space

The X25® web-based master planning system gives you the clear, colorful graphs and analytic data you need to identify and correct inefficiencies in your space allocation. X25 data help you make informed academic scheduling decisions and ensure effective allocation of buildings and classrooms.

Support Your Case for New Construction

X25 analytics gives you verifiable data to demonstrate where more space is needed and where construction, closures or reallocations may be possible. You can quickly determine how closing a building for renovation or replacement will impact classroom availability and fit.

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Save Big Money on Construction

With X25 you can pinpoint room scheduling patterns and identify where problems – and opportunities – lie. You’ll see where making facilities scheduling changes could provide viable, ecofriendly alternatives to building new facilities.

Building construction and crane
Schedule distribution

Increase Student and Faculty Satisfaction, Retention, and On-time Graduations

X25 helps you identify peak time slots — when sections are most scheduled and when location utilization is at its highest. You can provide departments the space analysis and guidance that will help them better meet the academic needs of their students and faculty.

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Build Your Future Vision

X25’s Real-Time Benchmarking® comparison analytics make it possible to track your facilities scheduling progress and predict future trends.

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