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Optimized Class Scheduling

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 I love the Schedule25 Optimizer! I just placed 700 course sections into the system and got my results in seconds! The data formatting made assignment review and acceptance so easy and quick, I beat my deadline by several days. 

— Frances Cottle, Scheduling System Functional Administrator, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Schedule25 Optimizer

Schedule Your Academic Classes in Minutes

The Schedule25® academic scheduling system automatically figures out the optimal allocation for your classes, maximizing space efficiency. You save weeks of scheduling time, eliminating room scheduling conflicts and bottlenecks.

Make the Best Possible Use of Your Space

Schedule25 evaluates your room inventory and class roster and automatically determines the optimal matching according to the room features and other requirements you specify.

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Be Prepared to Respond

Schedule25 lets you create alternative schedules for disaster recovery, space remodeling, and other planning purposes. And it gives you more time to gather the most accurate data on course demand before finalizing each term schedule.

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Meet Student and Faculty Needs

Schedule25 lets you set room scheduling requirements with regard to class proximity, faculty schedules, facilities scheduling and other criteria. The system yields the most efficient use of space over time while accommodating the unique needs of your departments, students, and faculty.

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