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 With LYNX, I was done in less than five minutes. I was completely floored. You just select a semester, push it through, and poof—it’s done! It’s truly night and day. 
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— Gina DeBernardo, Associate Registrar, Providence College

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Integrates All Your SIS Courses to Series25® Academic Scheduling

The LYNX Student Information System (SIS) interface provides the fastest data import and export times, by far! (Imagine downloading an entire term of classes in minutes, instead of hours!) With LYNX, you always have the most reliable and current data – and a superior user experience.

Speed Through Automation

LYNX eliminates a variety of time-consuming manual functions by automatically populating room assignments back to the SIS and automatically synchronizing within one minute, so there’s no need to do a batch upload, turn on transactional mode, or send room assignments back.

Improved Data Quality

LYNX significantly reduces data errors, allowing staff to review and manipulate their data faster than ever and with greater confidence.

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Easy and Efficient User Experience

LYNX provides a cleaner, more intuitive, easy to navigate SaaS-delivered user interface. It enables academic schedulers to complete tasks faster, monitor the status of their interface processes, and enjoy greater functionality.

Easy Plug-and Play Integration

LYNX integrates fully and seamlessly with all student information systems, including Workday; Ellucian's Banner, Colleague, and PowerCampus; Oracle's Campus Solutions; Jenzabar’s CX, EX and One; Anthology; and even Legacy SISs. Getting started is a breeze! Our support team can install and customize your setup according to your school’s specific needs and have everything up and running in a matter of hours.

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