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Self-guided Language Practice

StandOut® Engagement is the fun and effective self-learning tool that helps international students quickly improve their English pronunciation and conversation skills. Direct individualized feedback and scoring accelerates progress and helps learners build confidence in their English speaking ability. Students can practice at their own pace, on any web-accessible device.

Supercomputer Technology Makes Learning Fun

AI/Supercomputer voice recognition technology is superior to classroom learning because it keeps students engaged, gives immediate and accurate feedback, and provides a scalable method for individualized practice. And, because StandOut builds learning into a fun game environment, students are excited to spend more time developing their language skills.

Proper Pronunciation Speaks Volumes

Strong English pronunciation skills form an important foundation for academic, social, and career success in our global economy. Clear pronunciation improves a speaker’s ability to be understood in any setting. And it projects favorable personal traits such as discipline, clarity of mind, and confidence.

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